Project: Voting System

So I made a simple voting system that can be used from election centers to keep track of votes. It can count votes, declare a winner and give % of votes each political party got. Source code here.

Project: To-Do List

This is an app where you can create up to 3 lists and fill them with up to 5 tasks.Source code here.

Project: Contacts

This app allows the users to store up to 10 of their contacts, view them and edit them. Source code here.

Project: Memory test

This app is intended to be used from 2 users. The first user will generate 15 random words using the app and will dictate them to the second user. Then the second user will have to say as many of the 15 words he remembers. After that, the first user log the results and the process is repeated 3 more times. Finally, the application will calculate how many words the second user was able to remember. Source code here.


This webpage is protected by the GNU Public Licence 3.0. Refer to source as "Odysseus-Abraham Kirikopoulos" when distributing the software.